Jacob Dinezon – Acknowledgements

The Mother Among Our Classic Yiddish Writers
By Shmuel Rozshanski
Translated from the Yiddish by
Miri Koral

We wish to thank Abraham Lichtenbaum and the Confederacion Pro Cultura Judia—Fundacion IWO for permission to publish this English translation of Yaakov Dinezon: Di mame tsvishn unzere klasikers. Early support and help in tracking down the rights were provided by Samuel Rollansky’s grandson, Eliezer Nowodworski, whose mother, Esther Rollansky, expressed an interest in having her father’s work translated into English. Thanks also to Professor Alan Alto of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, for his help in tracking down Rollansky’s heirs in Israel.

Our grateful appreciation to Miri Koral for her wonderful translation skills and professional interactions. Appreciation, also, to Arthur Clark and Lynn Padgett for their proofreading assistance and manuscript suggestions.

And finally, my sincerest gratitude to my sister Robin Evans for her partnership in bringing Jacob Dinezon’s works into the 21st century, and to my sweet companion Carolyn Toben for her ongoing advice, encouragement, and unfailing optimism.

Scott Hilton Davis

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