Jacob Dinezon Seriously Ill

Haynt (Today)

Wednesday, August 27, 1919
Warsaw, Poland, p. 3
Translated from the Yiddish by
Mindy Liberman
What’s Happening in Warsaw?

Jacob Dinezon Seriously Ill

Last Thursday evening, returning from the Zionist Conference, the elderly Mr. Dinezon did not feel well. He offered the explanation that the conference was cramped and hot and did not consider it significant. However Saturday during the day, he felt worse. He still did not wish to give in to it and remained in that condition until early Sunday, when he asked to call in a doctor. Doctors G. Levin and Lippuner, who visited him immediately, diagnosed a distinct weakening of the heart and found that the condition of the patient was very serious. Yet on Monday, an improvement took place, so that hope arose that the highly esteemed Dinezon would still recover. Yesterday, however, the situation worsened again. Throughout the day, several consultations took place, which, unfortunately, found the situation to be hopeless.

The news of the dangerous condition of the esteemed, elderly writer spread quickly last night in Yiddish social circles and generally aroused strong regret. Literati and journalists kept vigil at the patient’s bedside throughout the night.

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